Psychological Thriller - pitch

By Swill128

Ok so this is an idea that came to me a while ago, its just an idea but maybe it will inspire someone out there. I'm new at this and im not much of a writer so please be patient with me guys, thanks. So it begins something like this:

Imagine a prisoner on death row who has been wrongly incarcerated. Just before their execution they are asked one last time about their crime. I can think of no other time when a person would be more likely to tell the truth as when they are facing certain death. So this prisoner denies his guiltiness up until the very end as he feels his mind drift off for the last time, the ekg he is attached to flatlines, the witnesses go home and he is pronounced dead...
But then he wakes up. Because there is no other time when a person is more likely to be telling the truth, he has in effect been pardoned, and only given enough of the lethal injection to put him asleep. He is now given a new life and a chance to start over, but he would be in a sort of protection program, where no one could know he is alive.
Now for the twist:
Would this innocent man believe that he has been given a second chance or would he think that this is some sort of afterlife where God has forgiven him and provided him with a second chance? Would it be a heaven or a hell? would he try to contact his loved ones, if so what sort of conflicts would that create?

I dont know, it needs a lot of work, and it obviously sounds better in my mind but please read it and hopefully ive inspired you to do something with it. thank you

Psychological Thriller - pitch

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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