Unpleasantville Official Trailer

By ctran0080

This is a short film that we produced for an ultra low budget... and now we are searching for the right investors to collaborate with us in creating a feature film.

The super-elitist Burton family left their last neighborhood to escape their not-up-to-par neighbors, only to be bumped by the gods into a parallel world of monsters. The outrageous fun begins when they catch their first glimpse of the neighbors, the O’Lantern family another average suburban family, oh…except for one minor detail: they have pumpkins for heads! “Who wants to live across the street from monsters?” the Burtons ask. The real question of this film is - who are the real monsters? The question seems to be if the two families will realize they have more in common than they think or if they will continue to view each other as “monsters” forever?

Unpleasantville Official Trailer

Created: Jul 19, 2010

Tags: unpleasantville monster pumpkin creepy

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Unpleasantville By ctran0080
(ICON) Unpleasantville Official Trailer
(ICON) Unpleasantville Official Trailer By ctran0080