The Yearly Visit

By agmoney

Please sign in and take seat..
Patient has became your new lable..
By definition you are too wait..
In a room filled with people, with all the same name..
A small un-comfortable seat is your new place to dewell..
Given to you, I assume for entainment purpose's only..
Is a large clip board with hundreds of questions to fill.
Question by Question, they take your history.
You only thought, you went in for a check up..
Now you dont feel well.
Because you answerd yes to line 46 and no to line 84.
The axiety builds as you turn this in... and await for the score.
Now, you must pay your entrance fee..
Because this is America buddy, health care is'nt free...
You must now await to hear, your birth given name.
With magazines and TV's your distracted
From all the diseases you may have contracted.
Once called upon..You jump for joy!!
Only to have your inital screening done..
By your Dr's cheerfull assitant named "Joy".
But now you have made it through the next door..
Patient you are once again...
As the Dr walks in and closes the door..
With a few laughs here...
And very cold hand there..
The hard working Dr claims you all clear..
Now, you thank him as he hands you a treat.
Alright Dr. I'll see you next year..

The Yearly Visit

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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