Ideals of the heart


I went into my head for an afternoon tea with my heart.
We dined on ideas, some sugar coated and some not.
Towards the end we drew up some plans on napkins.
They spoke of the new tactics.
Diagrams that would somehow show me the way.
My heart was polite.
Told me it’s okay to sometimes be confused, even he is some nights.
If I wanted to fall soon he told me I must at least be willing to trip.
Before we could get into the miniscule details I excused myself.
I was entertaining a fact, a little pal, who sat next to me as I rested for a moment.
The little one weighed down on my shoulders, asking me what was wrong.
I told him if I went back into tea I’d have to give in.
The fact said straightforward that I couldn’t go the way I was going.
If I headed in the same direction I would never get a chance at the one I want.
His buddies pro and con came to my rescue and balanced out my decision.
With a tap on my shoulder they told me to just go back into tea.
And like the lady I was, I agreed.
I bid ado to the little ones and skipped towards my waiting friend.
Once back at the table I found him staring out towards the sky
I sat down again and told him I had decided to take his advice.
He took my hand and just smiled for a moment.
I noticed all the scars he once had were now healed.
I didn’t comment on his new look, but we both knew what it had to mean.
Sadly leaving I knew it wasn’t worth grieving so I didn’t say goodbye
We’d see each other very soon.

Ideals of the heart

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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