A Caged Bird: Love like Winter

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A Caged Bird: Love like Winter

The gold ocean sinks as the night sky kneels on its knees. The recklessness of absolute liberty and acquiesce of silence in a person are no different. These feelings interchange and become heartache. Can you refrain from these feelings? What makes us human? Complete? The wall before you can neither explain why it shades the light nor hold hostage the night’s reflection on its pale walls, but it is complete nonetheless. It cannot explain why it houses contrasting ideas or dreams, but everything cannot be complete without those feelings. They are burdens nonetheless. Deal with it. We need it in order to survive through the day; it makes us who we are. It makes us sane. It is me.
Liberty: the ideals of a caged singing bird or “recklessness”. But what happens if it was set free? Can it survive on its own? Or will it soar? Liberty can be reckless. You might feel to kill a certain someone because you feel that you are free to do so. Because you are mad? Is it because you felt like it? Too much, I guess, would give a person too much—too many burdens if set loose. It is because of consequence that safeguards us… Me. This recklessness or “freedom” may give me chance, burden, or that feeling that I’m always looking for. It might give me the will to survive, to write a letter, to tell the truth, to lie to someone’s face, to hate. I cannot live without this. I have a voice. A person with a free soul: Me. But hush me with sweet silence...rest.
The trees die, the sky says nothing; it turns white…bird less. It snows. How heartless to love like winter. I speak if I please, but not now—now it is time to hush. Hush if you see murder. Hush if you hear hate. Hush if you see death. Hush child… silence. It may give you burden, more than you want. Because you are quiet, so all you can do is cry. Don’t speak. Hush. To be quiet, it can harbor a peace of mind. To be silent gives you solitude—time to think and restrain. If ever you were alone, hated, dead… silence will bring you peace. It provides me company on lonely winter days…when the winter loves me most. It is when I keep telling myself “I hate loneliness, but it loves me so.” But it makes me stronger. I am quiet. Do not speak. Hush. Love like winter until December ends until spring gives me freedom…like rain: reckless and free. Me.
To be reckless and free and to be quiet and restrained…me. How human. Regardless, we need these abilities to live through the day. Everything is not without its shadow and the gold sun that paints on their face every morning. Everything has more than one page, they have stories—stories of tragedy, love, hate, joy. They are told through the conflicting emotions that harbor our bodies. Stupid…but I want to “live” not survive. Yeah. Me.

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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