Outside the Realm of Normality, he said.

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I leaned my head back on the couch, smiling to myself. Even though the scratching from the inside of the "Cracker Closet" (as he called it) was annoying, that dog was vicious to no end. Plus, I guess it doesn't helped that I'm terrified of dogs. Adam was sitting on the floor, finger painting. He was a year older than me, and even though declared by doctors to have the mental state of a 10 year old, I was terribly in love with him; I saw a different side -the one that remembered poetry, could quote Plato, knew every lyric "Fun" had ever written. As he looked up at me the front door opened and in walked his parents. I had "babysat" Adam for the past 7 years.

His parents had lost interest in him, they felt taking care of him for 18 years sufficed and now it was someone else's turn. They should be allowed to travel as they wanted. The first year was hardest for him to accept, but we worked together on creating a stable environment and he had come to enjoy our time. They looked at me and I nodded towards the closet. "Sorry about Bronco, but he kept trying to bite Adam." I said in reference to their dog. I picked up my purse and waved goodbye to Adam.

Outside was already dusk - the street lamps winking on. I'd gone about a block when I heard someone running (very common in the neighborhood). I was however shocked when I saw it was Adam.

"What are you doing here?!" I remarked.
"You won't like my answer..."

I wanted to question him further but I saw Alice run up.

"Can you believe it?" She was practically jumping out of her skin.
"Hear what?" I asked.
"There is no way you couldn't have! Hey Adam!"

I'm not one who is big for people repeating themselves, but right up there on my list is unfinished conversations: the ones where they know exactly what is going on and are bursting with anticipation.

My mouth opened to respond. Behind us was a black SUV. I sighed, everything seemed so out of place. As I was thinking how to get both stories I felt Adam pull my arm. There was a sense of worry about him that I'd never seen before.

Ever bent down to pick something up, lifted your head quickly and smacked it on something? You know that feeling for 10 seconds where everything is a whirlwind, you want to vomit, everything spins and every emotion you've ever had overwhelms your heart?

That's what my next 20 minutes were like.

The SUV screeched up next to us, Alice went wide eyed, Adam pulled me off the sidewalk and we went tumbling down the hill in between the trees. Alice in a frenzy, chose the lesser of two evils and came following us.

I hit pavement and looked the way my face was laying. A dock with boats was staring back at me. Alice was dusting herself off. Adam was looking out into the now dark sky.

As he turned he asked if I was ready to see why he hadn't run away from home yet....

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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