By musicsymbiant

"Isolated" is a song that i had wrote about a friend who had passed away due to a Heroin overdose.

My loving friend, a loving mother of her daughter Hera, and beloved daughter of her parents. This song was written as i was discovering the frustration of being a musician and encoutering her death. Rest In Peace Jill Erica Smith.

It was a very painfull time and I was enclosed in the studio for two straight weeks with people stopping by without me even knowing they were behind me as i was writing and recording. The recording is not a fabulous mix or song but i did what i could with what i had 10 years ago.


Sweet Isolation
hiding the fear
a love that christ
would not have you share
regret and fear
tear your minds ear
to pursue ambition
makes your mind question
It makes your mind question

all I see is the apathy
even truth is filled with lies
I can't place your face
I'm lost behind your face
all i want
and all i need
make these things just
fall away
make these things just
float away
sweet isolation
brings me here
my friends at night
don't even care
consuming thoughts
fuck my brain
i'm subject to my
sweet isolation
the place i love
is the place i dwell
she said one more fix will
make things well
what i have
is something to say
it's not me
it's just your fucked up way
consuming me
inside and out
all along
I'd thought she did so well


Created: Jul 18, 2010


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