Better To Burn

By JakeTheBear

I've grown tired of this regimented decency
and the gaping hole left by their romantic theivery.

With such great abundance of oxygen,
A simple spark could do us in.

You'll say, "But what pray tell will we use for timbers?"
To which I'll reply, "Nothing but the lust that in each of us lingers."

Of the ones that know love, we two are the last,
But the others will follow us into the past.

When we are found our lives they will take,
But in our last moments as we burn at the stake,

We'll be satisfied knowing that they're far too late,
Because the fire we started, no one could sedate,

And while fire left us legacy of burning decay,
It's better to burn than to let your soul slip away.

Better To Burn

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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