Thin walls

By gvaught78

Last week, I went to the doctor after two weeks of a pretty nasty cough. I had been reluctant to go. I felt fine otherwise, but no over the counter meds were working, so I finally went. A guy at work telling me to "just go to the fucking doctor already" was a bit helpful too.

First, let me say this I love my doctor. He treats you like a person, is always friendly, and seems genuinely concerned about you. There is one problem with his office though, the thin walls. You can hear everything going on in the next room. While I was waiting to be checked out, I heard him talking to an elderly man about golf, medicine, his habits, etc. Then, he said, "Ok now for your favorite part, the prostate check." The old man said something to the effect of "Oh boy," to which my doctor replied, "Yep, drop your trousers and bend over the table resting on your elbows." There was a bit more conversation so I'm not sure of the exact moment the event took place, but I will always know that I heard a man having fingers jammed in his ass.

I had been trying to read a book while waiting, but no amount of concentration or riveting literature can distract you from that. But hey, at least I got put on some antibiotics and a steroid and now I feel much better.


Thin walls

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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