Always You

By LyricalAbby

Always You
By Abigail Rose

Night sky
Blue Moon
I love you.
Lying down
On green grass
Just me and you.
Breathtaking view
Shooting star
Wish we’d stay here forever, never apart
Lets make this moment last
For it’s only begin
Lets take it in
Take it in
I’ve found
The hope
You’ve given me
Just when I thought
It never existed
You are the one that made me listen
Doubtful conscience
Gone like a flash
When you took me back
When you took me back
Blue water
Ocean waves
Lets go away
Jump on a sailboat
The sea awaits
The sea awaits
You complete me
You truly do
I’m nothing without you
Nothing without you

Always You

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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