Mateo's Tale

By mark421

The first snowflakes that I have ever got the chance to admire accumulated the day I moved into my new house in this uncharted town. The ride here wasn't a pleasant one for me since I have never flown on a plane and i held tight to the heart shaped locket my mother had left me when she passed on. It was a drastic change from sunny Utah to the bitter winter cold of Connecticut where I wasn't quite used to the wind scratching at my face like nails on a chalkboard. My father moved us all the way across the continent just because he found a cheap restaurant location to start his dream of becoming a famous chef. I resented my father for moving so far away to a place where i didn't know anyone and had to start my life over. I am not the type of person who opens up easily, making it hard to spark conversations. When my bed was put into place, I decided to lie down and hope that this nightmare was over when I woke.
I expected my first my first day of school to be one filled with confusion and indifference and that is exactly what happened. No one passed a glance at me and I had to eat my lunch of tacos filled with frozen meat made of cow prostates. The last class of the day I had was history, which was my least desirable subject to waste an hour of my life on. My vibrant green house was only two streets away, so I decided to walk home instead of waiting for my dad to pick me up because he’s always late. On the way I noticed that there was a black and gray stone mansion that was converted into apartments. I was impressed with its elegance so when I went home I decided to look up its history.
It was said to be an old estate built about two hundred years ago by a rich fellow by the name of Willard Brooks. Mr. Brooks died with his wife and child in a tragic fire incident while they were sleeping. Their land consisted of the whole town that I now lived in. In a picture I found online, I noticed the happy couple standing in front of their estate and a girl beside them, who I assumed must have been their daughter.
After doing my research and since all my homework was done, I decided to take another walk to look at the house. I noticed that it looked exactly the same from the picture except the left side of the building, where I believed burned down part of the house. As I walked closer, my eyes began to twitch and the ground began to shake. I looked around and noticed that the mansion was ageing backwards, becoming new again and the houses on my street started to be sucked into the sky in pieces as if gravity was being reversed. Running from this illusion, I slipped on a slate of black ice that I do not recall being there before, and crashing into a great Oak tree.
"Sir, hurry, wake up, my father doesn't tolerate trespassers on his property," exclaimed this beautiful girl in a white night gown from the 1800's, who was standing over me. I got up, felt my head throbbing with pain, touched the bloody gouge on my forehead and noticed that the mansion the same as it looked in the photo. The girl escorted me to the kitchen and got a bucket of water and a rag and whiped the blood from my face with the gentlest touch.
"Where am I?" I asked after recovering from the spill.
"I should be the one asking the questions. What are you doing on my father's land? He will kill anyone who intrudes," said the girl who I remembered as being the daughter in the photgraph. I was in disbelief that I could have wound up hundreds of years in the past but the beauty of this girl calmed me. Because of her fear of her father coming down and discovering me, she decided to bring me to the shed so that I could stay without her father’s knowledge. "You don't look like you are from around here," she said. I told her my name was Mateo and that I was from a different part of the country. I had to lie: if I told her I was from a different time era, she would think I was crazy. "It's a pleasure to meet you Sir Mateo, I am Alexandra Brooks," she explained. We talked for hours and our different versions of English made it a little hard to talk, but she just found it comical. As we continued to talk through the night, I began to feel a deep connection with her, one that I had never felt with any other person I had ever known. I could see in the way her eyes glistened when she looked at me, that she left the same way.
"I wish I could stay here with you longer," I said. She looked at me sadly, as if she really didn’t want me to leave.
"Why are you in such a rush to leave?" She blabbered out. At that moment I realized I didn’t want to leave, as well, I had no way to get home.
"Well, it’s just I have no where to stay and clearly I can’t stay with you" I said.
“Never mind that, I will tell my father you are a servant, he is not a man to deny himself another helped. Since I’m his little princess, I can ask him to let you be my personal servant, he will never say no." She explained. I believed it was a well thought out plan but wasn't so sure about the work I had to do, since I hadn't worked a day in my life. But since it was for her, I would do anything to stay here with her as long as possible. I told her to go back to her room because it was getting chilly and the frosty winds were beginning to break through the thin barn doors and she walked out after giving me a shy kiss on the cheek.
After she left, I decided to go on a walk to clear my head and try to understand how I ended up here. Strolling past the living quarters on the servants I noticed a man coming out of it with a torch heading towards the Brooks home. Since I had no other destination, I decided to follow him so I could get to see the manor better. I saw him heading to the left side of the house where the Brooks' sleep and it occurred to me that he might be the one that caused the fire, and I had to stop him. He was standing there, yelling to Mrs. Brooks' window asking her to come down and meet him and I immediately understood that she was having an affair with him. She yelled at him to go away and I saw how heartbroken he was that she decided to stay with Mr. Brooks and throw him away like spoiled meet. With his torch ready in hand, he stepped back and prepared to throw the torch into the window of the Brooks’ room. But before he could, I tackled him to the ground, smashing his head into a sharp rock. I did not mean to do this, but my fear of him killing Alexandra took over me and I became so scared that I ran away before I could comprehend what just happened. Hearing all the corruption outside, Mr. Brooks ran outside, only to discover one of his servants murdered and he called out all of his servants to discover who the perpetrator was. Stunned, I ran back and hid in the barn where I found myself feeling dizzy so I laid on the soft hay until I fell asleep.
I awoke to the feeling of someone shaking me and as I slowly opened my eyes, I saw my father standing over me. "I was so worried about you! What are you doing outside at a time like this, it is almost midnight!?" He said. When he saw the bump on my head, his anger turned into sympathy. He no longer cared that I was out so late but instead wanted to make sure I was okay. He brought me back inside the house, bandaged my wound and told me to go up to my room and lay down. When I got into bed, I went on the internet and looked up the Brooks family and saw that the story had changed, and that they had no longer died in a terrible fire. Joy filled my heart because I knew I was the reason for this change, but those feeling quickly changed as I realized that although I had saved Alexandra, I still may never see her face again.
The next morning I got ready for school and ran out the door as fast as I could, knowing it wasn't my intended destination. I ran to the mansion to see if I could somehow get myself back to the past and see her again. As I realized that this was an impossible feat, I fell to my knees and wept, knowing that I would never feel the love and warmth I felt with her again. As the tears rushed down my face, I saw them drop onto the icy patch below and slowly begin to crack the surface. The ground began to shake and before I knew it, I was hurled back into the barn just as Alexandra was rushing in.
"I know you killed the man, I saw the bloody rag in the bushes, why would you do this?” She yelled.
"I did it to save your life. If I hadn't stopped him he would have killed you, and your family. He was having an affair with your mother." At first I saw in her face the look of disbelief and as she slowly saw that I was telling the truth, her face changed to surprise and thankfulness. She hugged me, thanking me, and we sat in the soft hay for a bit, both relieved that she and her family were okay. ”I had a suspicion she was sneaking around with the neighbor and I guess I was right. But before we can celebrate, we need to get you safe because my father’s men are looking for you. I love you so much Mateo, but you know we cannot be together for a long while. You have to get out of here before my father has you killed." She cried. I knew our time together had come to an end so I handed her my mother's necklace and told her to hold it tight and I will always be with her. During out last moments together as we laid next to each other, I only wished we could stay like this forever.
Waking up on the cold pavement wasn't how I wanted my time with her to end. Back in the present I walked home and just wanted to crawl into an endless coma of confusion, sadness and exhaustion. On my way home I noticed a young girl, about my age moving into the house directly across the street from mine. As I walked closer to her, I noticed a strange familiarity about her, as if I had seen her before. She approached me and asked me if I could show her around because she had just moved here and she didn’t know anyone else. I introduced myself to her as Mateo and she shook my hand, stating that her name was Sofia Brooks. I felt the same warmth from holding her hand that I felt when I was with Alexandra, holding her in the barn and as I looked at her, I noticed a heart shaped necklace around her neck.

Mateo's Tale

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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