No-Face Helps.

By ravenvalkyrie

It is quite sappy but this is my first RECord so don't be so harsh... I do feel that it is missing something.
------Would love comments to help me improve my writing.------

You wake up, its 11 in the morning, November 12th 1999
The day of execution.
To you, life is the same
You sit there waiting.
For the sound of change

And then it happens.
Light shines through your face,
The cell door is open.
How is this possible?

You walk through the corridors looking for other people
Thinking to yourself,
Where am I?
Where is everyone?

Turning to your left something changes
A new environment,
A new place,
A new life.

You enter the walkway filled with grass
Mountains of dreams and fountains of the subconscious,
Delusions, illusions, hallucinations,
They walk about searching, reaching out for a coal that was to come.

You ask one of them for what they are yearning for,
They reply,
“We are the ones looking for those who need help.”
Help? Help what? You think to yourself.

“I assume you are asking questions”
You turn around and find a man.
Seen before you is a shape of a human being,
Yet one thing is missing,
A face.

You wonder how he is talking to you,
He doesn’t even have a mouth.
“It’s all in your head” he gently replies
He grabs your arm and pulls you through the hall.

“This is where a journey ends and another begins”
You look at him with a questioning stare.
“The help that they are giving is to strangers who need to transfer from here to reality”

From here to reality? You think.
You begin to look at your hands,
Twist it, turn it, feel it.
They are very much the same.
Your thoughts flow by,
All asking: Am I real?

“Take a look for yourself”
He points behind you and your eyes follow
There you see a duplicate of yourself.
You extend a hand and try to grab it.
It does the same.

You look for the man and he isn’t there.
Reaching out once more with your left hand, you touch the duplicate’s arm.
It does the same and you feel its fingers on your arm.
You raise your eyes and then realize.
The duplicate, has no face.

You touch your hair.
It’s still there.
You touch your ears.
It’s still there.

Slowly you move your fingers to your face.
There was nothing to feel.
Shocked you try to scream, shout, yell!
The only thing that comes out is the sound of a breath taking place.

The man appears again.
You look to him in desperation
He leans towards you and says:
“You are turning into one of us, you need our help”

Suddenly a group of people with no faces surround you and the man.
Loudly he states,
“We are the no-faces who search for a path to your goal”
You break free from the crowd trying to run back to your cell.

Running back through the corridor of grass,
The mountains have changed to the dark red of nightmares,
The voice of the man echoes through,
“There is no escape, but let us help you to find what you seek!”

You slow to a walk as you notice the hall has no end,
Then turn around and see the man.
He loudly states:
“All it takes to gain reality is to reach a truth that will set you free!”

A flash of light occurs,
And bars begin to appear,
It then occurs to you that you are once again in a jail cell.
You look through the bars and notice, you are in the sky.

The man appears once again holding the keys to the door.
“Now it is time for you to realize your goal”
He opens the door and lets you out,
Only to disappear and tell you nothing.

You keep walking forward not knowing when to stop,
When you pass by a television and slow down to see what it shows.
A video of a distant memory that you had once forgotten,
It was the funeral of your father back when you were young.

You touch the television and a swirl of colors hit you,
Your hands are much smaller now and you are dressed in black.
Suddenly you see Emma running towards you,
“Where have you been?” she asks frantically.

Before responding she pulls you to the tent where a ceremony was occurring.
She brings you to the front and seats you to her left.
You look forward to see a coffin, where your father lays.
You begin to wonder, why am I here again?
What is my goal?

You remember the relationship you had with Emma.
She was your step mother,
She seemed to like you,
Even when you didn’t really accept her.
The only reason why you were decent with her was because she was with your father.

Emma was in tears and black mascara is running down her cheeks.
“Man, she is quite depressed.” An onlooker says.
It occurs to you that after the funeral that Emma was never really the same.
She was always alone in her room, never leaving the house.
She ended up dying not knowing that her own child was a convict.

Time flows by as the burial ceremony ends.
The coffin is set in ground and everyone leaves.
Left are you and Emma.
She hugs you and kisses your cheek.
“You look so much like your father,” she says

“I love you so much”
She sobs for a while.
You don’t reply
You let go of her hand and run away.

The replay ends and you are back in your cell.
You then remembered how you reacted.
You left Emma
You left her behind.
You left her.

You regretted leaving her,
You always heard stories from relatives on how she was distant after you left.
She always cared for you,
Took you to school,
Made breakfast.

It has come to your senses that you never said something important to her
It was difficult to say it to her
After all, she replaced your mother.

“Do you know what your goal is now?”
The man appears next to you.
You lie there in your cell for a while, just thinking.
“Do you know what you seek?”

Then, in realization, you nod.
“Reach out and grasp it!”
You hold out your hand and reach upwards.
A flash of light.

You awaken in sweat and run your hands over your face.
Now there is something to feel.
A guard walks towards your cell and hands you a newspaper.

You open it up and look at the date.
November 12th 1999,
The guard suddenly comes over and takes you to a room.

Sitting in the room with a guard at the door,
A phone lies before you.
You pick up the phone and dial a number.
Someone picks up and the first thing you say is,
“Emma, I love you.”

Smiling just around the corner,
Is the man.
You look at him while on the phone,
and say: Thank You.

==The End==

No-Face Helps.

Created: Jul 18, 2010

Tags: random thoughts, dreams doc, might be a little too long, dreaming

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