When you assume...

By The Culling

I had been hired by this company,and told that I would need to pass a drug screen as my final stage before full employment was granted .I was was called in a little over a week to take the test.The doc calls me in talks for a bit and then leaves.His assistant comes in and has this puzzled look on her face.I ask what's the matter. She reply's" I'm here to get your sample"I say " OK,where's the cup?" "Sir,we take a hair sample".You see in my infinite wisdom,I'd decide to cut my hair the night before,and was now bald. In my previous test,physicals and check ups it was always a urine sample. So here we are trying to figure out how to do this.We tried my underarm area,too short,mustache?same.Now I'm panicking because this is my last step to get hired.So I look at her ,sigh and quickly reach down and pull up a little "low fro from the manscape",then eye her small scissors,and in an attempt to ease this poor freaked out girl say "i think we're gonna need a bigger boat" She laughs and opts for the underarm hair.

When you assume...

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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