Tiny Stories - Ancient tales.

By Silveraxe

The People of the Clouds were sacred monks who lived in a fabled monastery on top of the clouds. It was said that they protected the balance of all living things. But no one had ever seen a Sacred Cloud Monk, nor anybody knew what they looked like. In the Ancient Library, there were some old illustrations of what they “might” look like. But of course, nobody could prove their correctness.

It was rumored that the Sacred Cloud Monks existed even before time, and that they witnessed how everything came to be, some even said that it was them, who created it all. It was said that the monks had an ever-burning fire in their temple and gathered around it to tell stories to each other. They would all sit down, and get up in turns and tell a new story; and if everybody liked the story, their hearts would fill up with happiness and they would cry out of joy. Their tears of joy then would turn into rain and carry the story to the world below, as the words touch the ground, it would all come alive. It was believed that the monks told so many stories, that they created a whole universe, many galaxies and planets, all created from their stories. As their stories became alive, the monks would tell even more stories that breathed life into them, so their stories could then tell stories of their own, and create even more universes.

Or at least, that’s what it says in a very old tome in the Ancient Library….

Tiny Stories - Ancient tales.

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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