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The Girl From Blue

By 2_in_Spire

If a painter’s palette was a continent

And each colour and shade a nation

Let me tell you, of a country called Blue

Where lives the heroine of this short narration


There once was a girl who lived there

And had done so since she was born

It was all she could view, she lived and breathed Blue

Which left her feeling oh so forlorn


She had heard about other odd colours

In a fairytale told only in song

And as she grew, the girl living in Blue

Began to ask “Where do I belong?”


She wanted to travel and see the world

Orange, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red

Oh, the things she would do, the young girl from Blue

So from her family and home she soon fled


Purple grapes, Yellow Sun and Orange oranges

She saw the Red fire and Green fields of grass

Sky and ocean she knew, back home in Blue

But these wonders they could not surpass


She travelled even further to Brown, Black and White

And dared to venture into the Shades of Grey

And when her journey was through, she went back home to Blue

Content that she’d seen all that she may


But no-one recognised her when she returned

She didn’t look like she once had

Oh yes, it was true, she wore more than just Blue

For in the rainbow of her roaming she was clad


I would love to see this poem become an illustration, song, or animation. Everyone feel free to contribute their own interpretations of this little colourful story.

The Girl From Blue

Created: Nov 10, 2012

Tags: remix, travel, nation, journey, poetry, country, colour, home, girl, world, blue, road

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