A Poem

By Enoxh

What tender thoughts, God begot?
Lost in lonely lament over unopened Christmas presents.
Such is variability, sense and sensibility, absolute permeability
So logical and yet so often an impossibility.
Like a cross liability, self stability, self sterility.

Lost in a daze of ancient days
Around the world in eighty ways
Somber plays, laughter in the rafters
Give em hell, all's well that end's well right Mel?

Walking by a brook, upper Chinook
like Captain Hook in a picture book.
I once mistook that which was simple and conditional
for original unconditional acts of love.

The guise, in effect heavy set
like a bet that one regrets
that weekly need
for a carton of cigarettes.

So have a drink and drip this sympathetic ink trip
I've emptied my ammunition clip
The record skips, fish and chips on the lips
So sweet like making out in the back seat.
Bare feet on a beach, a sublime way to reach
a positive release.

A Poem

Created: Jul 18, 2010

Tags: poem. verse, poem. words

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