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Makebelieve (tiny tune)

By ppeppina

just a simple tiny (love-ish) tune I wrote for Tori's wonderful tiny story "makebelieve": "You make makebelieve believable". I just love this story so much, I couldn't help singing it. It's a bit silly. VERY simple. I don't write these kind of love songs that often, so I'm not 100% sure what to think of this one, but I decided to share it with you guys anyway. It's a wonderful story, I'd love to see more illustrations & remixes for it!!

I left some empty space to the end for anyone to fill... maybe some whistling? violin? accordion? anything! and feel free to sing/play along if you feel like it! :)

you can find more tiny tunes from this collab:
check it out and see if you get inspired to write a new tiny tune, maybe based on an already existing tiny story?

so anyway...... enjoy! <3


You're not real, and so you're unreliable

and I can't be healed, I'm unreachable

So this must be a dream, 'cause it's impossible

that we could be here, it's just unbelievable


This is a game, I know it's pretend

I know it's a play, I know it will end

I know it's not real, I know, I know

I know I know I know I know, I know



you make makebelieve believable

Makebelieve (tiny tune)

Created: Nov 09, 2012

Tags: song, tori, pop, tune, vocal, tiny, ppeppina, remix, makebelieve, guitar

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