Ben & Julie's First Encounter

By JacqAttack

Just a little scene that was playing in my head.Don't ask me why.I know I'm not the best writer,but I gave it my best shot.


Ben enters an unusually empty diner.

Exhausted he sits down at the counter.No one is behind it.He waits a good minute.

Ben:Excuse me?(Beat)Is anyone here?

A waitress comes out from the kitchen.

Julie:Oh,I'm terribly sorry Sir.Have you been waiting long?

He takes her in for a second as she looks at him,her green eyes filled with remorse.Dirty blonde hair,light skin...she isn't the most beautiful girl he'd laid eyes on.But still striking.

Ben:Uh,no.I just got here.

Julie:Oh,good(She smiles,relieved.)What can I get you?

Ben:Coffee please.



She brings the coffee right away.

Julie:Here you are.

Ben:Thank you.

Julie:You're very welcome.

He takes a sip as he looks around the diner and finds no one else but them.

Ben:It's awfully quiet here.

Julie:I know,we don't get much business this time of night.I can switch on the radio if you'd like?

Ben:Oh no,that's alright.(Beat)I bet it gets spooky around here this late.You like that?

Julie:Well,I'm not usually here this late,but the girl that was supposed to be here had some sort of emergency.

Ben:Lucky me.(He smiles as he takes another sip of his coffee.)

As she stands behind the counter,it is now her turn to take him in.His dark hair is slicked back.He is well dressed but his clothes are somewhat wrinkledMost likely from the long day.The sleeves of his buttoned down shirt are rolled up to his elbows,his blazer hangs on the back of the chair.

Julie:What are you doing out so late,if I may?

Ben:Today I searched for a job.(Beat)But to no avail.

Julie:What kind of job are you looking for?

Ben:I don't know.

Julie:Well there's your problem.(She laughs)

Ben:(Her laugh makes him smile.)I know,I know.I'm not the best at job hunting.But at least I tried.There are lot of guys that are perfectly content to just sit around.

Julie:Okay,you get an A for effort.

Ben:Haha thanks(He raises his coffe mug to her.)I guess I'm not really sure what job is right for me.


Julie:Have you ever had a job?

Ben:A long time ago as a bell boy.I hated it.(He winces at the memory)

Julie:How old are you?


Julie:Why don't you try acting?

He almost chokes on his coffee.

Ben:Me?Act?(He can't help but laugh.)

Julie:Why not?

Ben:I'm not an actor.

Julie:So?You don't really have to be.Most of the time they're just after a certain look.You've got a pretty good look.

He observes her again.He thought he detected a hint of pink on her cheeks.Blushing?)

Ben:How do you know so much about this?

Julie:I used to act.(Embarrassed,she begins to wipe down the counter.Avoiding his eyes.)

Ben:What's your name?

Julie:Julie(She says shyly as she burshes back a piece of her hair that escaped her ponytail.)

Ben:I'm Ben.(He offers her his hand.She shakes it.)

Ben:You really think I could get work as an actor?

Julie:Yeah,maybe you'll land a part as a bell boy.


Ben & Julie's First Encounter

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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