Foot over heal.
Running away to a criss crossed crisp of land.
Trees of shag carpeting piping from washing machine grass.
Open windows leading to school rooms.
They loosen their minds they’ve lost along the way.
Collecting baggage from other’s open suitcases.
Painting the town a different shade of red.
Fingernails twisted about the others.
Rings not even a question.
They’re married through this experience.
Spontaneous kisses trace along their tracks.
They’ve hardly wished for the other, because they’re along the same path.
Secret moves to teepees constructed of sappy romance lines.
Best of themselves found along the ruins of a volcanic notion.
Erupting cataclysmic love unknown to the world.
The best story only to be uttered upon film strips.
A slideshow explaining the heart filled nights.
Only that left over will be the destiny.
Of two fingernails curled around.
Hardly noticing time.
They’re the concept.
Back when it was about finding the truth.
Another time we won’t get back too.
Foot over heal.
She looks at him.
He peers over.
I wake up.


Created: Jul 18, 2010


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