To honor my father

By sandy

When a dream comes true

Some people create by a picture, a text, a video, a painting, a song... to my father it's always an automobile creation.

Passionate by the automobile and leisure cars, he created a long time ago : a formula 1 "baby" for my brother, an ATV with 4x4 bodywork for me... His last creation is a leisure car.

That his dream becomes true, my brother, my father and me are associated us. We have done an approval's car.

A long way with lot of pitfalls...

Some days with hopeless and some days without, some days in euphoria. We traveled and discovered new lands and new cultures. Everytime with lot of supports and love, we defied all refusals of financial collaboration and all the technicals problems... Now we have successful our approval's car.

Now, his dream is a reality, he can market his leisure car.

Yes, we did it for him...

To honor my father

Created: Apr 09, 2009

Tags: car, leisure, honor, dream

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