Figure on the dance floor

By Filmstand

A figure stands at the end of the dance floor, quiet, and unnoticeable. It is a mystery, I stand up and walk towards it, wishing to solve it. As I push myself through the crowd, the figure becomes more alive, more noticeable, and more female. Soon the figure becomes so lovely that I can no longer find myself to blink, for not a second can be wasted with regret and closed eyes. Everything else but her becomes a blur. People around me no longer look like people as they become less visible in my new reality. They feel almost as light as air as I push them away to reach the beautiful girl. In a trance, I reach out automatically, wishing to touch the beautiful figure that my brain can no longer classify as human. My hand gets closer to the girl’s face, my heart beats faster, the world around me becomes completely erased, a world with no physics, or end. Almost as if all that is, and all that will be will start with her, the pivot of creation. The moment comes when my hand will touch her, but somehow it does not come into contact with the goddess’s skin. She’s fading, I reach out again, desperately clawing the air but grabbing nothing but air. Blink once. More of her is fading. Blink twice. Her features disappear, making her only a figure. Third blink. I jump out for her, but she is gone, erased from existence. The air becomes denser, and the blank floor becomes gravel under my skin. Light gathers onto the ceiling, and I can once again feel the push of people moving around me. I shed a tear.

I am lying on the dance floor, a quiet, unnoticeable creature, with unsatisfied eyes, and an image burned into my heart.

Figure on the dance floor

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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