What's a.......?

By Jhan18311

What’s a dancer that doesn’t dance?
A singer that doesn’t sing?
A writer that doesn’t write?
An actor that doesn’t act?
A painter that doesn’t paint?
A creator that doesn’t create?

A dead zombie lost in the machine
With no luster
Often MEAN and SURLY
Lost in the worldly traps
Livin' off of scraps

Spirit DEAD and DRIED like a river in the drought
Searching for the route back to LIFE
BUT! Just below the surface, just below the strife
A pool of talent fresher than ever is waiting for the light
Float back to the surface
Spill through the orifice
Refill the dead river
Quiver over and out the spout to revive!...

The dancer that doesn’t dance
The singer that doesn’t sing
The writer that doesn’t write
The actor that doesn’t act
The painter that doesn’t paint
The creator that doesn’t create
Don’t wait …
Or it will be too late. Start digging.

Inspired by Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes

What's a.......?

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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