full circle

By ashleyactually

they listened to their narrator completely
took notes and applied the great anonymous opinions of them to themselves
they made the great anonymous the appointed one
to chose how they really were, instead of what they already are
they listened intently because they thought
"aha here are the answers. now and how I must be- to really be myself"
they felt lost and confused so they listened and they burned and etched each spoken adjective to them

the great narrator felt pleased of this control and laughed at the silly humans for believing everything
playing games in absence of the loss of control the great anonymous felt
the humans frolicked between the gaps of descriptions the narrator said.
the narrator grew lazy and restless of wise incarnated thoughts and put things to rest and stood idly by watching the humans dance about by themselves.

the humans at first felt lost, for not having pushed thoughts and said directions on how to be them,
so they sank into the great whole of the night of sadness and loss.
The narrator couldn't take more of laughter that scene had brought it
and took a breath to speak
but then something occurred.

the humans held hands at first but one let go and the other ran
the humans became
and human
learning how to grow a back bone and becoming their own
"oh sweet lord what have I done" the narrator said
as the human began to act without any words to follow.
unwillingly thrown there and here in situations without any thoughts on how it impacts them, the humans
and as they disintegrated( this supposedly "very strong commitment to each other"), they just did verbs and had no nouns for it.
They let it fall and break apart and did not mull on the great "pain" and the incredible "loss" they have achieved.
They just did the pain and the loss and that was that

the great anonymous stood astounded
losing the control, feeling lost itself
It was just that the fear of the verbs that the narrator became the narrator, narrating others verbs into adjectives because the great anonymous was scared shitless of the verbs that it had done and the future verbs that it could have done
but instead of musing on the fear,
it took a note and did fearing
it feared
and eventually conquered it by just that- conquering
all in the while, one human, the human that first ran actually, did so many actions it used it all up
and walked right into the lair of the narrator.

the human watched the narrator go through transformation
and had the urge to speak,
but it had no verbs left
so it spoke in an unrecognizable tongue
of nouns and adjectives.
it was appalled at it's own mouth
what were these monstrosity's that followed out of its thoughts.
The human overwhelmed by all of it, sat down in the high rise chair of the great anonymous
and saw the other human still verbing
Filled with memories it wanted to be going,
but what came out was the wanting to go and the fantasies of what would happen if it went go, instead of actually going.
Then it saw the narrator stumbling and being in action and felt what have it jealousy and envy.
It wanted it be pulverizing the narrator,
so the human can take the place in which the human was,
but shackles formed around the human and stuck it to its place on the high rise chair, where it just observed then being observing.

the human had become the narrator.

so I spoke again about the others
because I was at a loss of verbs.
but a strange thing occurred
the humans did not listen
so I just sat on my high rise narrating my own.

full circle

Created: Jul 18, 2010


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