Question at the HEART of suggestion: been hearing this since Jan...

By Pickle_Blossom

Ok, so I wrote a long response and the screen flashed and I was on another webpage and it was gone. I hate that!
First - I have NOT read any other responses to this yet as I happened to check my activity stream right after Joe responded so of course I came here first :^)

Joe - thank you for your response to this. I am sorry I made you feel like you had to re-explain how hitrecord works, but I suppose when you list it like that, you DO already do all the things that I suggested be the *hitrecord definition* of "greenlight." Because I absolutely realize we are trying a different model here and I believe we have redefined a lot of traditional things already. Through YOUR leadership Joe.

So of course I am not going to argue with you. (I have better control of my word-filter now LOL. Sad.) BUT, I do want to briefly explain WHY I got behind Lawrie's suggestion, because I believe that the UNDERLYING reason for a suggestion is important, even if the suggestion itself is not the right answer - just as THIS suggestion was not the right answer for hitrecord, but the underlying reason for seeking a solution still exists. (The worries some have expressed about their work ending up sitting quietly in an abandoned Collaboration no one ever sees.) And I also want to ask a question, which I hope you have an answer to because I've heard little whispers of this question since January and I believe it may be at the HEART of people's worries about doing their work HERE on hitrecord (where it might not be used by YOU) as opposed to elsewhere (where THEY can decide what to do with the outcome):

Though I should say that neither of these have a cut and dry answer so if there is NO answer right now, that's fine. I just want to plant the seed, so to speak. Because these questions will come up again at some point, as they've come up multiple times already.

1) I made a point of this submission suggestion because there have been some people with BIG skillsets - whose work, knowledge and ability to lead/teach ME and others I value and I know many others value as well (not JUST you Lawrie, but yes, Lawrie is an obvious one lol) - who have expressed apprehension at putting a lot of their energy into projects on HR because they don't know the outcome (I also talked about MY problem with dedicating enough of MY creative energy here without wandering off because I have no deadline, but my concern is in the question below - not in leading any projects because I'm bad at that, because - well, I wander off.) and I thought that if we had a system of submission that somehow avoided the things that Marke described (though his description sounds a LOT more like the REALITY of the internet than my idealized means of avoiding that inevitability) that those people who feel like they can't invest their time and energy without talking to you and getting your opinion... yeah, I see the problem with the rest of that sentence. That's not what hitrecord is about. It's not JUST your opinion. But their apprehension remains. And I thought there might be a solution.

I don't want those people to stop working on projects here and I thought this might be a good solution. Clearly it's not. Not even with some SERIOUS modifications from a traditional greenlight system. But... I don't know... I just want EVERYONE to be fulfilled by what they do here.

Perhaps that isn't possible without compromising the true spirit of hitrecord, which YOU guard Joe, so what you say goes, of course. But if that concern is representative of a common concern amongst those with very advanced skillsets... we need a FULL range of talent here, from absolutely new to art to wisened old workhorses. And hearing the same complaint from multiple horses worries me.
But I'm hoping that when you and Marke were emailing about it, as you mentioned, that you guys were talking about just this sort of underlying thing, rather than just trading emails on what a terrible suggestion it was. LOL. Cuz I know you two are just so gossipy ;^) So I'm gonna trust that if it ever happens that we start losing wise workhorses, you'll know what's best to do. Of course that won't stop me from worrying. Because that's my REAL calling in life. Really, I'm faaabulous at it. Heh.

Now THIS is a question I've thought of myself and I've heard talked about off and on since the switch in January, so I'm sorry if I stir things up a bit but since we're having an open - and mostly polite - dialogue, I hope it's ok to ask: (Then I really AM all talked out which hasn't happened in YEARS!)

Question 2) The reason I hesitate with putting certain projects on here is NOT because I want to be made official leader by you Joe... it's wondering what happens when I make something that I love but it isn't right for hitrecord to release. (And I THINK this might be at the heart of some of the apprehension of the people who fall under question 1.) I know that INDIVIDUALS OWN the rights to THEIR work... but what about the RESULTS of a Collaboration??? If 20 individuals all own their RESPECTIVE contributions but the WHOLE FINISHED PRODUCT only exists because those 20 individuals found each other and combined their work on hitrecord - a platform that is owned and operated as a business - WHO OWNS THE OUTCOME???
Reasoning: if HR doesn't want to release the results of a Collaboration but someone in the Collab has a legitimate means of RELEASING IT THEMSELVES - be it through their own connections in whatever industry or however they want to do it... are WE ALLOWED to release our results as a group? And if so, does hitrecord still get 50% of the money? (I think it's fair the "workplace" get a cut, but how much?) Should it say "Made on"? Or what if it's something you don't want HR's name associated with at all?
Basically, I know I own MY creations to do with what I will, but if say, me and LizzieMackie make something together on here, can WE choose what to do with it if you don't want to do ANYTHING with it? Or is the result of a Collab strictly at hitrecord's discretion to release publicly, with or without HR's name?

Thanks again Joe and Marke. And I'd just like to say: the dog on the Progressive commercial is named "Pickles." LOL
I heard a voice say "Pickles" and I thought I was hallucinating. But it was just the dog talking. :^D

Question at the HEART of suggestion: been hearing this since Jan...

Created: Jul 17, 2010


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