On Love and Lenore.

By ImanSalehian

On Love and Lenore.

As she stood from her small cafe table, her metal chair emitting a low screech as it was pushed back and dragged across the cheap linoleum floor, she felt something within her shift, as if the building blocks of her universe had swayed infinitesimally, for as the man she had spent the last hour conversing with waved goodbye, he had used her name.

“Goodbye, Lenore!” He had called out, “I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then?” Something about the random pairing of words he had chosen, something about the pronunciation of her bland name, something about the inflection of his question, made her feel as though the key to her long dormant heart had been fitted into its lock and wrenched open.

On Love and Lenore.

Created: Jul 17, 2010


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