By cailin

Here are lyrics to a little diddy that is currently without chords. I suppose that means right now it's more a poem than a diddy, but it sure would love to become a song one day. If someone wants to add some music, that would be fabulous :)

When I was young,
I lived on a cul-de-sac
When I was young,
I was part of a radius
When I was young,
I lived in the shape of the sun
In the shape of the moon
In the shape of a
In my yard
When I was young
I worked real hard
At playing
In the cul-de-sac
With my dog
In my lap
The sun on my back
There, I lived in a cul-de-sac
I had my one best friend
Two lost teeth
Everything I needed in the
I made my world
So very big
In that tiny little cul-de-sac
One day, I grew up
I left my dog behind
Grew my teeth back in
Lost my one best friend
And moved away from cul-de-sacs
The world got bigger
The world got smaller
Away from cul-de-sacs


Created: Jul 17, 2010


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