Facing your fears

By Tzytel

Lightning struck outside sending shadows leaping into the toy-filled room. The crash of thunder, the howling of trees sent Timmy to scurry under his bed sheets. The shadows of the toys on the mantle became disfigured with another flash of light.
The door creaked open and Timmy hid further within his blanket. The sheerness of which brought him little comfort. A dark silhouette emerged, rising to the ceiling with a shriek. It's tattered shape floated toward him hooking its claw-like reach. Timmy's breath broke in small gasps. His cold breath puffed like a steamer, matching the race in his heart. The clawed fingers scratched the surface of his covers.
Timmy was trapped. What could he do? Then it came to him. A single thought. A do or die moment. His tiny knuckles yanked his blanket away and with all his might he screamed:
The nightmare screeched back against the wall in horror. Her eyes wide, her face deathly pale and her right hand grasping at her chest as she gasped her final breaths.
Timmy looked down on the creature proudly. He had faced his fear and won, now a new fear took its place. How would he explain the body to his parents?

Facing your fears

Created: Jul 17, 2010


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