I Heart hitrecord self expression rhyme thing wuteva =]

By RedrustedHat

I am a lump of clay
And one day I asked myself, do I want to stay this way?
I think I want change!
But what do I want to be?
There is so much to see!
So little time
And so much to find
This all crosses my mind
And hopefully I decide before I come to the end of my ride
So many things seem ideal
But at the same time I have no idea
It really sounds fun to be a famous writer
But that certain girl, I still want to find her
This is who I am, this is Ben, the only thing I can work with at the moment is a pen
But I can turn into a spaceman
Its all about your imagination
This site gives me so much inspiration
Hopefully I can do great things like others on here and make it
Hitrecord just makes me feel really good, I just had to say it

I Heart hitrecord self expression rhyme thing wuteva =]

Created: Jul 17, 2010


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