By iamsobatman

I daydream too much, I have to focus on the real world, but I don’t. I am someone else in my mind, I am a person that I want to be but can’t become. There are so many things that I miss in the real world, things that I don’t miss once my mind drifts away. I feel free once I leave this cold and bitter place, I despise the cold and the darkness, in my mind there’s always summer around the corner. I guess I’m a summer child because I was born in July and I love the warm sun on my skin. But the summer suns warmth can’t touch my skin in my mind, and there I’ll always miss when someone swipes their fingers through my red hair. I guess I only let my mind drift because I miss someone next to me when I sleep, or maybe because I want something more out of life then just living without experience and excitement. I don’t want my life to become a routine. I wonder if someone else feels the same way I do.

(Sorry that my English is crappy, it's not my first language so I still have problems with grammar and spelling (and also it's not poetry that i write or something like that, this is just thoughts that I wrote down when I couldn't sleep)).


Created: Jul 16, 2010


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