Welcome to the world of dreams

By unimpressiveme

I love to sing and I've always wanted to write an own song. That is why I wrote this text. BUT I can't come up with a melody..
So if someone wants to add some music to it, it would be great! :)

I stare at the darkness of my room
I color it with my fantasies
My eyes close and I am gone
Welcome to the world of dreams

Fly across my favorite town
Jump down from highest hills
Always on the sunny side
The hazard gives me chills

Be the person I want to be
Go to places I want to see
Just letting it go
Setting my imagination free

Dreams keep me alive
Dreams keep me hoping
Dreams are the fuel of life
And they keep me going

Welcome to the world of dreams

Created: Jul 16, 2010

Tags: songtext-music-lyrics-song

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