A Nanny's Pocket (autopsy) Poetry

By j shadowself

*poetry w/ image soon to follow*

Five suckers: shades blue, purple, & orange for bribery purposes

Four pens: two pink sharpies bought on a whim, a black rolling ball for I like how it writes and the emergency clicker from madame k’s pizza in the wallet for safe keeping

Three tubes of lips gloss they are always at a loss
(2 NYX in shades cherry & shangri la, and bigelow clear)

One tube of bee’s chapstick for their coverage is king

Eye dropper one, for those contact days

In-haler to clear my asthmatic lungs when the smog gets to great and the old dears feel like we have smoked pack after pack from the beginning of the day.

Sanitizer in cucumber & melon because nanny knows best how to wash the germs away

Condoms because ones never knows… friends’ oops resulting in godchildren three lovely indeed

Meds for the skin and the head when they flare up like wild fire in the desert with water so rare.

Paper scraps and used movie stubs, wrappers garbage from little hand off

Lemon oil for awaking the senses

Sticker covered wallet for all expenses

Brown paper listing of books, movies, & films needed to purchase at a later date

Day-planner, book, pencils, loose change and fast jotted notes for trying to keep sane.

Larabars, turkey jerky, & gum on the run

Last is the technology: cell phone in dressed in aqua and white & new i-pod secure in it’s running shirt protected from falls, scratches, or sun.

 A Nanny's Pocket (autopsy) Poetry

Created: Jul 15, 2010


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