Dove Missing

By SwissmissE

I dove from the highest place in the sky, waiting to hit the ground
Instead I was met by a sea of blue, majestic and yet sound

I had hoped for a white parachute to save me
Realizing halfway that I forgot its key

The ocean somehow drowns your high
Yet you have no right to question why

Underwater you cannot breathe just once
You hold your breath or you wait for death

The fish around you encourage you to play
Yet rarely help you find your way

You may dream to be acquainted in this underworld...

But those around you are breathing and truly believing
So suddenly you may have the urge to starting heaving, and decide you better be leaving

For you are still immersed in H20
Elements in which you would love to grow

But you know when you had jumped from that place in the sky
Your wish was for a place to keep you as high

You were hoping for land
Now you have reached the wettest sand

Swim back up to the surface of light
After being so deep, it takes a great fight

But once you take that breath of fresh air
You will be met by something just as fair

That will bring you back up to that place in the sky
You and I

Dove Missing

Created: Jul 15, 2010


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