(PORTRAIT) musicsymbiant

By musicsymbiant

Hi I'm Daniel Espinosa

You can contact me at musicsymbiant@gmail.com or musicsymbiant@excite.com as the featured records dashboard seems to be covering up the pages so it seems i temporarily can't edit my information correctly.

More insight here's my personal facebook page:

I live in Austin, Texas where i also write, produce, and record my own ideas and music as well as some sound design and tracking for other artists that range from commercials, short films, featurefilms, other bands and musicians of all genres.

I've actually been working on this music for a number of years now and these songs represent all feelings, emotions, epiphanies, and events that have happened to me in that time.
I've been using Cubase SX to write and Record any and all music and ideas with decent dynamic and condeser mics, and a nice assortment of outboard mutieffects processor/preamps for guitars and bass. Bare in mind that i'm no fantastic singer but i try to get the message accross the best I can.

The ideas that i hope to post are not all just alternative music but also anything i happen to write or come up with new, old, commedic, politcal, emotional, or straight forward.

The music is actually the examples of my expansion and experimentation as a recording artist and a musician. Getting better and better and evolving every time i push record, fret a note, play a chord, even hum an idea.

(PORTRAIT) musicsymbiant

Created: Jul 14, 2010

Tags: [portrait record]

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