The Record Store

By Marke

As you may have noticed, we've added a bunch more RECords for sale to The Record Store. Choosing which ones to make was not an easy task... I was dumbfounded by how many amazing contributions were made – really high-quality work.

But in the end, we relied a lot on everyone's recommendations in the collaboration – then Joe and Jared and I went through the whole collaboration, worked out some revisions and remixes and prepared the final artwork for production.


Also, if your design made it in, or if one of your RECords was resourced, it'd be cool to revise your description to include a link to the item on the store. That way, if someone is browsing around here and looking at your RECord, they can see it's available for sale and click through to buy it (and make you some more $$)


The Record Store

Created: Jul 14, 2010


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