Lens Project 96: Softness

By Anita

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Hi everyone! Welcome to week 96 of The Lens Project!

Now that we’ve finished our monochromatic month, it’s time to move on with a different prompt! This week's theme is SOFTNESS.

You don't necessarily have to use the soft focus photography style/technique (though you can if you want to!) - it’s the meaning of the word that counts, which means you can take it to many directions. You can capture a tender, gentle moment, for example; or work with muted colors to give the impression of a dream-like scene. Or even the softness of the human body as well as shadows and silhouettes. These are just suggestions, so feel free to create! :)

* Keep sending videos! This is a great prompt for cinematographers.

Just don’t forget the rules!

• Only one contribution per week;

• Keep your videos under 30 seconds;

• Send new material! Our goal is to come up with something fresh every week.

The deadline is April 2nd.

See you next week!

About the Lens Project

If you're new here, here's how it works — each week I'm gonna issue a new prompt, and it's your job to use your camera to capture that theme however you'd like! Even though this is a photography challenge, feel free to contribute both photos & video!

Lens Project 96: Softness

Created: Mar 28, 2017

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